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JESSUP BEAUTY T343 Cloud Dancer 14 pcs

BRAND: Jessup Beauty
PRODUCT: Cloud Dancer Makeup Tool Kit

Complete any look with this set of 14 essential brushes for the face and eyes. Made with Jessup exclusive fibers, these brushes are designed to better hold, apply and blend a variety of formulas to ensure you get the most from your makeup products.
This set also includes a beauty sponge, brush cleaner and brush towel.

Whether you're looking for the perfect starter kit or adding to your brush collection, this set is great for every beauty lover!
With a chic Brush case included, perfect as a gift. Your brushes will always be protected and organized!

1.Powder Brush
It is perfectly sized to set powder after foundation and to deliver a contoured, buildable application of liquid or cream blush products.

2.Foundation Brush
The angled top and drop shape move with the contours of the face and applies makeup smoothly even in those hard to reach areas for full natural coverage & a streak free finish.

3.Setting Brush
Expertly tapered for easy placement of your product, this powder brush helps you reach all those narrow areas precisely. It can also be used to set and diffuse powder in the under eye area.

4.Face shape
Apply for precise contouring, touch-ups, and concealing. The densely bound, small dome shape applies your touch up products in thin, seamless layers.

5.Large Eyeshadow
Perfect for applying a wash of color to the whole eyelid. Very soft synthetic fiber hair is perfect for applying sheer color.

Blend colors onto the lid and buff out harsh lines, make harsh lines disappear for your most seamless eye look yet.

7.Shady Brush
Softly buff concealer or color correcting formulas on small areas of the face using a circular motion. Apply eyeshadow shades by packing color onto the lid.

8.Smoky Eyeshader
Achieve highly pigmented looks by building and shading color on the lid. Dense, flat paddle-shaped hero to deliver an even eyeshadow look on the center of the eyelid.

9.Smoky Liner brush
This tiny, flat-shaped liner brush is perfect for applying or smudging eyeliner in the inner corner and lash line. Complete your smoky eye routine with this Liner brush.

10.Crease Blending Brush
Create natural and soft-focus transitions in the crease with this eyeshadow blending brush.

11.Tapered Blending brush
Use the precisely tapered tip to achieve the perfect cut crease, apply transition shades, or line the lashes with eyeshadow.

12.Small Blending brush
Apply for accentuate the crease and seamlessly blend eyeshadow. And its compact size makes it suitable for very small eyes.

13.Brow brush
Use for achieve fluffy, natural, or bold brows. The fine, fine tip provides full control and fits perfectly along the arches.

Apply eyeshadow base or cream color for quick, even coverage.
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