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Jessup Beauty

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Jessup Beauty is a Hong Kong brand founded by Daniel.X and his wife (Jessie.X) in 2013. The brand name"Jessup" contains "Jess" (from Jessie's name) and "up" (means the life get better). Daniel is a man who love his wife. They work after graduation from University. In that period, they were very poor. they were very optimistic, deeply loved the multi-colors the life.
Jessie like makeup, Although Jessie and many other women love beauty, they could not afford a set of brushes and expensive cosmetics. Daniel observed that he wishes love for the beauty of Jessie to protect and respect her. He wished Jessie and those girls could be more confident and aware of the individual beauty of themselves. They believes that it will make the world become more beautiful and the life will be more wonderful.
In our hearts, everyone is eager for beauty. Jessup Beauty is committed to providing the finest and most desirable cosmetic products for every girl.

All along, we hope that these diligently created products in various styles can give more choices of individual beauty to girls and help each girl to achieve their own beauty.
Jessup signifies loving life and highlight beauty.