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Pop-Art Carnival
Submission deadline: March 31, 2018

A contest organised with the support of Make Up Plaza International, the Cryon Makeup and the Stylist School, and the members of the professional jury.

Participation conditions:

  • Using one product that is purchased in our Store after December 06, 2017​
  • Subscription to the newsletter of Make Up Plaza

Participation fee:

  • free of charge 

There is no mandatory stipulation concerning the other used products and means, they may be arbitrarily chosen. One contestant may submit maximum 2 works to the contest. We are looking forward with interest to receiving the works of amateur, starting, advanced and professional persons dealing with make-up, as well as the works of bloggers and vloggers. Participation of man models is also allowed. Anybody may participate in this contest from any of the countries.

If you already subscribed to our newsletter, you do not have to subscribe to it again, however, you have to send the below detailed data even in this case.


- 1 pcs SUNRISE Barcelona professional makeup case
- 1 pcs SIGMA Sigmax Precision Kit 5 Chrome brushes set
- 20-hour personally customised further training with a training method that involves 1 or 2 trainers
in Cryon Makeup and the Stylist School Hungary

- 1 pcs SIGMA Sigmax Precision Kit 5 Chrome brushes set
- 1 pcs SIGMA Spot On Concealer Kit brushes set
- 2x4-hour personally customised pencil training classesin Cryon Makeup and the Stylist School Hungary

- 1 pcs SIGMA Sigmax Precision Kit 5 Chrome brushes set
- SLEEK Matte Me Lip Kit (3 pcs)
- Personally customised make-up training held on one occasion (3 hours) 
in Cryon Makeup and the Stylist School Hungary

SIGMA Practk Palmat product
Depending on the works submitted several special prizes with some other rewards may be also awarded.

Additional conditions and the method of submission concerning the competing works

1./ Three clear, good quality photos have to be made about the make-up:

- Photo 1 has to be prepared when the make-up was made, on which it has to be well visible the way you work with the product purchased in our Store. If the product cannot be seen on the photo, it may be a reason to exclude you from the contest.
- Photo 2 has to be prepared of the finished make-up, with open eyes.
- Photo 3 has to be prepared of the finished make-up, with closed eyes.

2./ Format of the photos:
- coloured,
- JPEG format,
- the names of the files may not include accent marks,
- dimensions: minimum: 785 x 611 Pixels (0.5 MP) and maximum: 2180 x 1697 Pixels (3.7 MP)
- file names: the registered nickname of the contestant with adding sequence numbers 1, 2 and 3.
E.g.: Mup1 Mup2 Mup3 or e.g.: TesztEva1 TesztEva2 TesztEva3

Process of submitting the competing work

The competing work has to be sent in email to email address info@makeuplaza.hu with attaching the 3 photos together with the following information:

- the email address with which you subscribed our newsletter
- the name of the product that was used for preparing the make-up (product that is purchased in our Store)

Please write in the field of the subject of the email: MAKE-UP CONTEST 

Evaluation aspects

1. Loyalty to the theme
2. Total impact, style
2. Creativity, phantasy
3. Elaboration
4. The demanding quality of the background (environment)
5. Quality of the photo (sharpness)

Evaluation of the competing works

The works received will be evaluated by a ten-member professional jury:

Nora Aradi - makeup artist
Vanda Galgoczy - makeup artist
Anita Jaszter - Simon makeup artist
Peter Nagy - makeup artist 
Linda Simko - makeup artist
International Team of Make Up Plaza 
Owner's Make Up Plaza 

Other informations

Three contestants may win at the announced contest + plus several separate prizes may be awarded. We will notify the winners in writing. Subsequently, we will request data (phone number, delivery data) from the winners. The submitted competing will not be stored, they will not be retrievable, and they will not be filed.

Deadline for receiving the competing works: March 31, 2018
Announcement of the result: April 15, 2018. 

The result will be visible under menu item MAKEUP CONTEST and we will also publish it through the newsletter and on each of our community sites.



Statement on accepting the conditions of the contest:
contestant, by submitting his/her competing work, automatically accepts and declares that the contest photos sent to Make Up Plaza – independently of their winning any prize - may be published on the website of Make Up Plaza and on any of its community sites. The contestant by submitting his/her make-up competing work also declares that he/she is older than 18 years. However, if contestant is still not of major age, he/she has to send to us the consent of his/her parent (guardian) to his/her participation in the contest (arbitrarily phrased, there are no formal requirements in this regard). The data of the contestant (name, address, phone number, website address, etc., his/her availability) are NOT public data and we will publish them only if requested by contestant, or we will only provide a possibility for having them published. Contestant will accept each point of the announcement of the contest by submitting his/her competing work.

Automatic disqualification: 
submitted competing works will be automatically disqualified, if they shocking and they are suitable for violating public moral, or they are capable of raising hate as regards race, ethnics, religion or world view, or if they violate the effective legal provisions. Those works will be also automatically disqualified, which do not meet the above described conditions. If any of the competing works will not meet the conditions, but this may be remedied or corrected, we will draw the attention of the contestant to this fact still prior to the expiry of the deadline of the contest.

Additional excluding reasons:
presenting or advertising on any of the photos any company, department store, organisation or brand that is other than the brands that are sold in Make Up Plaza.


Previous make-up contest

We reserve the right to change on every.