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REVERS Creamy Henna For Eyebrows

BRAND: Revers
PRODUCT: Creamy Henna For Eyebrows

Henna Pro Colors Eyebrow Cream with Argan and Castor Oil.

Henna Cream Color for Formula Eyebrow Henna Pro Color Bio Formula - beautifully colors eyebrows, corrects their shape, gives them a rich tint, strengthens, gives strength and shine, makes hair docile and soft, allows you to achieve the effect of density, cares for the skin, makes the look more expressive and attractive.

The argan and castor oil paints included in the cream - nourishes, strengthens, thickens, improves the growth of eyebrows, restores their shine, fills with vitality and energy. By its value, argan oil has no analogues in cosmetology, it alone provides complete care: nutrition, moisturizing, protection and restoration of skin and hair, has a powerful antioxidant property. The unique properties of argan oil are explained by its chemical composition. It contains a record amount of Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (more than 80%), has a high content of vitamins A, E, F. The unique properties of argan oil make it an effective eyebrow care product. Oil strengthens eyebrows, prevents loss, eliminates dry skin, restores damaged hairs and their structure along the entire length. Eyebrows get shine and healthy look.

Package contains:
- Tube with coloring cream 15ml
- Small bottle with 3% activator 15ml
- Comb-mounted applicator
- Mixing bowl
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