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ZPalette 4U Crocodile Burgundy

BRAND: ZPalette
PRODUCT: 4U Crocodile Burgundy

This holiday season, Z Palette gets a stylish twist with faux-crocodile finishes. A luxurious accessory for your makeup, the 4U Crocodile Z Palette was designed to be collected and proudly displayed. Available in rich Burgundy or classic Oak, this Limited Edition Z Palette brings style to even the wildest of makeup messes. As fashionable as it is functional, the 4U Crocodile Z Palette injects instant style and elegance into any makeup kit.

*Please note eyeshadow made in non-metal pans (for example, MAC de-potted eyeshadow) will need metal stickers to adhere them to the magnetic pan in the Z Palette. Metal stickers are included with every palette.

(eyeshadows for display only)
Comes with 8 pcs of our Round & 8 pcs of our Square Metal Stickers.
Outside 6.25″L x 4″W x 0.625″D
Inside 5.5″L x 3.18″W x 0.25″D
7 200Ft/pcs
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