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COASTAL SCENTS Interchangeable Palette: 28 Piece

BRAND: Coastal Scents
PRODUCT: Interchangeable Palette: 28 Piece

Our 28 Piece Interchangeable Palettes are an essential tool for professionals, as well as everyday users. These matte black palettes contain built in magnets that attract up to twenty-eight of our finished Hot Pots or empty 26mm pans. The upper right corner of each pan mold is scooped out for easy removal and replacement.

NOTE: MAC pans are the same size as ours however, they will not magnetize to our palettes or Go Pods due to the magnet's polarity.

Palette : 9.00" x 5.90" x 0.44" (22.86cm x 14.99cm x 1.1cm)
Eye Shadow Pot Diameter : 1" (2.5cm) [26mm]
4 100Ft 1 995Ft
ON SALE: 29.04.2024 - 31.12.2024
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