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AURA Face Contour Palette DARK

PRODUCT: Face Contour Palette DARK

Face contour palette is a professional product to achieve the ideal appearance and hajlajtovanog shadowed face. Dark intended for darker skin types.

Each palette has 4 product, combining all products achieve the desired appearance of the face.

FIX - soft and fine texture is intended to fix all tečnnih and corrective cream products in the area around the eyes. Light yellow color products will further mitigate the appearance of irregularities in this area (dark circles and other irregularities). In addition, it will alleviate the optical appearance of dark circles and other irregularities, also will illuminate and refresh the appearance of the entire face.

HIGHLIGHT - velvety and light texture with a very high percentage of effect pigments that give the skin a pearlescent-pearlescent look. Highlighter is applied after zavšrenog makeup complexion and gives the best effect brush application (in this case, we recommend a scythe cutting of multi-purpose brush), but it certainly can be applied and fingers. The product is applied to all parts of the face that we want to point out and to highlight - the top of the cheekbones, along the nose, below the eyebrows, inner corners of the eye, above the upper lip.

BRONZE SOFT / HEAVY BRONZE - silky, ultra-fine texture that blending perfectly blends with the skin and creates a completely natural appearance. This product is a shade lighter than SCULPT products can be used alone or by combining with a darker product in the range.

HEAVY SCULPT / HEAVY SCULPT - Product range in which the darkest color because it is primarily intended for defining and shaping the contours of the face. Can be used alone or by combining with a BRONZE product in the range. This product is the same formulation as BRONZE, because of mutual combining and blending, in order to better merged with the skin during application and achieve the natural look contours of the face.
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