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Nowadays we observe cutting the distance between professional make-up artist and non-professionals making their own make-up every day. The level of make-up skills are getting higher and higher and requirements towards make-up products are also more strict. We support women‘s strive for having the best quality make-up products  and professional make-up cosmetics brand AFFECT was created to fill the gap between the highest level of best make-up products and everyday-use make-up products available for ordinary women.

We are aware of fact, that the differences in the quality of cosmetics can be seen while performing any, even fast every-day make-up, so from the beginning, we focus on high quality of our make-up products as on their skin care aspect.

What is more, our products are designed and refined in every detail, so they would to affect on other senses – this is the reason why our eye shadow have beautiful fragrance and powders and blushes are unique, beautiful eye-catchy knitted pattern.

AFFECT’s offer is complete from the very beginning - on our products, you can perform a full make-up, conduct make-up training or make-up shows. AFFECT’s cosmetics are perfect for creating every, even the most demanding make-up – from nude, through wedding, up to high fashion make-up.