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NANSHY Flat Angled Brush (Angled Airbrush) White

PRODUCT: FA01 Flat Angled Brush (Angled Airbrush) White

Product Description

The Angled Airbrush from Nanshy Collection designed and developed to be your ultimate central make up brush. Brighten your complexion and create buildable airbrush-like coverage, hide imperfections and achieve the smoothest finish imaginable

Professional Make-up Artists use brushes for a natural, flawless, look. And to apply makeup with a light almost air brush quality. As professionals they need to work quickly and efficiently, plus consistently maintain fabulous results.

Nanshy brings you high-quality professional grade brushes that make it easy to enhance your beauty efficiently and effectively. Soft, lush, anti-bacterial, cruelty-free bristles held by robust copper ferrules on top of ergonomic handles – easy application of mineral, liquid and cream make-up. Always buffing and blending perfectly, creating the amazing velvety finish that the Pros achieve. And you can have, every day with Nanshy.

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Easy to use, easy to care, easy to clean – That’s the Nanshy way.