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ZPalette Large Ruby Rose Glitter Palette

BRAND: ZPalette
PRODUCT: Large Ruby Rose Glitter Palette

Outside: 21 cm x 12.55 cm x 1.40 cm
Inside: 18.9 cm x 10.4 cm x 0.60 cm

Hey you, glitter lover! If you're crazy about glitter and pink, then the Z Palette Large Palette Ruby Rose Glitter is really for you! This cheerful, pink glittery palette (which sits tight!) Will make sure you can tuck your loose make-up pans neatly.

The patented Large Palette is still one of the best-selling Z-palettes and can be found in the make-up collection of almost every make-up artist! The Large range has space for 28 round pans (from rouge, eyeshadow, powder, highlighter or whatever product) and thanks to its compact size, the pallet is also super easy to transport and therefore ideally suited to take away! The transparent top allows quick and easy identification of what's in the pallet and, thanks to its magnetic base, products from all brands can be stored in the Z-palette. Or would you like to place products without magnetic pans in this range? This is also possible with special metal pans, which you can order individually at The Make Up Spot.
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