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GOSH Rebel Eyes Lengthening Mascara

PRODUCT: Rebel Eyes Lengthening Mascara

REBELS EYES MASCARA – LENGTHENING builds visibly longer, fuller lashes with just a few strokes. The mascara contains special polymers to lengthen each lash. A complex mixture of film-formers makes sure the mascara adheres to lashes all day long. Lashes are sculpted to the max, with no clumps. Suitable for all types of lashes.

The brush: A specially shaped wand, with bristles at the tip, grabs all lashes, even the tiniest ones, and creates amazing length and separation. The unique shape adds length and volume, while the triangular brush core improves application and ensures even coverage.

KEY INGREDIENTS The formula of REBEL EYES MASCARA – LENGTHENING includes nourishing ingredients to help maintain the health of eyelashes.
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