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AURA Shine Killer Microfinish Powder

BRAND: AURA Cosmetics
PRODUCT: Shine Killer Microfinish Powder

Microfinish powder. Instantly mattifies facial skin! Instructions for use: After make-up, use a cosmetic brush to apply a small amount of powder to the entire face, paying special attention to the "T-zone". Avoid eye area. Fine facial skin mattifying powder contains microspheres with great sebum absorbing power. Instantly mattifies facial skin and prevents unwanted shine up to 8 hours. Gives your face a sheer, natural look. Reduces wrinkles and covers skin imperfections without leaving white marks. Due to its texture, it perfectly goes with your make-up, and due to its being waterproof and resistant to sweating, it prevents smudging and helps your make-up last considerably longer.
2 780Ft/pcs
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Size: 5 g | Price: 556 005Ft / kg