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W7 COSMETICS Romanced Eyeshadow Palette

BRAND: W7 Cosmetics
PRODUCT: Romanced Eyeshadow Palette

Fall in love with makeup all over again.

Romanced is a 14 shade eye colour palette of neutrals in love.

A combination of peachy, natural tones with an intoxicating splashes of pinks and gorgeous golds. The shades are blendable with a high level of pigmentation, providing the ability to create soft, natural looks all the way through to looks that will enchant and romance!

The finishes and textures vary within the palette, with shades ranging from metallic glitters to creamy mattes shades.

The shades:

1. Infatuation is a matte beige
2. Passion is a champagne
3. Fling is a peach
4. Ever After is a soft, pink metal
5. Crush is a deep, copper metal
6. Valentine is a gold
7. Desire is a matte mahogany
8. Lust is a smokey lilac
9. Amour is a delicate gold
10. Fairy Tale is a matte, dusty orange
11. Date Night is a matte terracotta
12. Romeo is a light brown
13. Affair is deep chocolate
14. Black Book is a charcoal black
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