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PAESE Best Friend Liquid Lipstick

BRAND: Paese
PRODUCT: Best Friend Liquid Lipstick

Our Best Friend lipstick is durable and has a matte finish. Perfectly covers and is easy to apply. The active ingredient LIPerfection increases the volume and hydration of the lips. Get to know Best Friend better! You can not do without it!

Carefully selected colors will be the perfect choice for many occasions. Nude shades let you find a color that matches the delicate beauty and natural color of the lips. Intense shades will be a great choice for women who want to emphasize their femininity and character.

- liquid lipstick lasted
- a light, non-drying formula
- excellent coverage
- velvety matt finish
- precise applicator for easy application
- the active ingredient LIPerfection improves the appearance of the lips and moisturizes them
- a pleasant raspberry - vanilla scent

LIPerfection - a purified organic mustard extract that increases the volume and hydration of the lips. Research has shown that LIPerfection increases the microcirculation of blood in the skin, smoothes lips and improves hydration after just one application! Consequently, the Best Friend lipstick application improves the appearance, color and shape of the lips.
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