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PAESE Rice Powder and Bamboo Powder Set

BRAND: Paese Cosmetics Professional
PRODUCT: Rice Powder and Bamboo Powder Set

Rice Powder gives skin silky and even finish.
It absorbs the excess of sebum. Its extremely delicate, smooth and easy to apply. Ideal for the last step of make-up process. Recommended mainly for combined and oily skin. It might be used on whole of the face or on its part. White colour of the powder disappears and becomes transparent once applied.

Dedicated to oily and combination skin with excess production of sebum. Ensures highest degree of long lasting matte effect.
Applied as a loose powder in order to obtain effect of matt and smooth skin, with a subtle glow but without strong coverage.
Bamboo powder contains more than 90% of silica, which absorbs excess of sebum and moisture.
Bamboo powder takes a form of white, soft and fluffy dust, which when applied leaves the skin with transparent but not white finish.
6 820Ft/set 6 150Ft
ON SALE: 23.01.2020 - 31.12.2020
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Size: 23 g | Price: 267 415Ft / kg