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PAESE Bamboo Powder Set (2 pcs)

BRAND: Paese Cosmetics Professional
PRODUCT: Bamboo Powder Set (2 pcs)

Dedicated to oily and combination skin with excess production of sebum. Ensures highest degree of long lasting matte effect.
Applied as a loose powder in order to obtain effect of matt and smooth skin, with a subtle glow but without strong coverage.
Bamboo powder contains more than 90% of silica, which absorbs excess of sebum and moisture.
Bamboo powder takes a form of white, soft and fluffy dust, which when applied leaves the skin with transparent but not white finish.
6 820Ft/set 6 150Ft
ON SALE: 31.12.2019 - 31.12.2020
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Size: 16 g | Price: 384 415Ft / kg