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The idea and driving force behind Nanshy is simple: “Help as many people as we can enhance their beauty and appearance for an even better look”.  Our mission is simply stated, but our requirements and standards are exacting. We demand 100% cruelty-free and at the highest quality, plus a tremendous value for the price. We could only achieve what we believe you deserve by designing, developing and manufacturing Nanshy.

Nanshy focus is on makeup application tools. To bring you the best features of tools in the market today and improving on them the Nanshy way.

That’s why we are continuously searching the cosmetic marketplace for newer and better beauty tools, products, materials and manufacture. We have formed a relationship with some of the top suppliers in cosmetic products that share our ideals and policies to consistently bring you the latest and greatest products and accessories.Look your best! – Nanshy makes it possible.

At Nanshy, our products are extremely user-friendly while ensuring they delight by exceeding your needs and desires. Your satisfaction is our priority at all times. We are consistently striving to bring you cosmetic products that have been researched extensively, designed with the utmost care, and ensure you only get the best of the best available. We guarantee no animal has been killed, tortured or harmed during the production. All of our brushes use synthetic bristles only; no fur will ever be used. All brushes are assembled by hand and go through an extensive testing process.

A tremendous value, by making the most durable, luxurious cosmetic products affordable for the everyday person. Nanshy products also last longer, so you can be sure you get the best value for your money.